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The Surrey Golf Guide will be promoted online and in the press throughout Britain. Opportunities exist for site advertising, annual sponsorship and partnerships.

Golf course advertising

There are also opportunities for:

  • Hotels
  • Property Developments
  • Airlines
  • Car Hire
  • Golf Brands

There will be advertising opportunities at national and regional levels, as well as specifically timed advertising for event promotions.


An annual sponsorship opportunity exists for a title sponsor. The site will be branded with the sponsor's identity, and will feature products and services to increase brand awareness and drive sales. There will also be a link to the sponsor's own site; the comprehensive and up-to-date content will be enhanced by sales promotions allowing highly accurate target marketing. Please contact us to discuss the sponsorship package.


The Surrey Golf Guide welcomes partners in media, hotel groups, tourist authorities and airlines.

Please email us for further information.

Osteopathy and Pilates
Effective treatment of golf injuries and back pain.